Welcome to the home of Cascade Locks Fire and EMS! We are pleased to have you visit us in our virtual world. Please have a look around and enjoy.


Mission statement:

“We, the members of Cascade Locks Fire and EMS, are here to serve and protect our community, environment, and surrounding areas in a professional and timely manner; whenever the need arises.”


The Eagle Creek Fire operations are still underway. There is not active fire, but we are working on mitigation for the forest and the damaged areas as well as rehabilitation of the fire lines we created. Trails are NOT open for the safety of the public and the emergency crews. There is falling debris and rock slides occuring on or around many trails as well as burned out bridges that are treacherous to try to pass. PLEASE DO NOT try to access the trail system. If you choose to hike the closed trails be advised that you are hiking at your own risk. Rescue may not come for you due to the danger to the rescuers. DO NOT hike closed trails.

We want to thank our community for the outstanding job they did to support the operations of the fire. Many thanks to those who donated their time, energy, or money to making sure the firefighters were fed, clean, and happy. There were so many comments from outside fire departments about how great it was. YOU are fantastic! Thank you! We have recieved thank you letters from children in the community as well as from Vancouver. We appreciate each and every letter, visit, card, or donation very much. 

October 22nd at 6pm is the annual appreciation dinner at the fire station hosted by Nancy Renault and her fabulous girls. We hope to see everyone there! 

For anyone who would like to donate to the fire department you can click the link below. We thank you for your time and appreciation. 

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