Welcome to the home of Cascade Locks Fire and EMS! We are pleased to have you visit us in our virtual world. Please have a look around and enjoy.

Mission statement:

“We, the members of Cascade Locks Fire and EMS, are here to serve and protect our community, environment, and surrounding areas in a professional and timely manner; whenever the need arises.”


Use extreme caution with anything that can spark. Fires are becoming huge all across the region with very little encouragement. Everything is immensely dry and will burn very hot and very quickly. You can do your part in protecting the area by keeping your grass trimmed short, not stacking wood against your house, have at least 30 feet of defensible space around your home with no trees hanging over or bushes against the house, and most importantly, be aware of what is happening around you. Report fires and illegal fireworks by calling 911. And if you’re that person who wants to have a fire, be aware that you can be held financially responsible for any fire you cause. Those can get expensive quick!! 

Be safe, be smart, be aware.

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